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Cometa ultraliviana del equipo


by Alto Vuelo

This kite was our pending subjet since his predecessor (version FT) couldn't give the results we needed during the World Sport Kite Team Championship of France 2004.

Its wind range is from 3 km/h to 9 km/h.

It is completely made by P90 spars. In a future, we are going to change them for 2PT.


We continue using kites designed by us and built by Alto Vuelo with the modification that we received in the 2008 World Championship.

These kites fly from 6 km / h to 15 km / h. It is one of the kites we usually fly on our practices, along with the standard serie.

This kites is built in 3PT rods and P200 in the spine, making it ideal for light winds.

Cometa ultralight del equipo


by Alto Vuelo


Cometa standar del equipo


by Alto Vuelo

It is the same design as our UL kite, but adapted to its range. This design apperaded to replace its predecessor, the Alma 1. This happens since in France (2006) flying the other teams' kites, we realized that, although we had made a great advance with Alma 1 since the year 2004, this had not been enough.

This one goes from the 8 km/h to the 18 km/h. Is our favorite serie and the one we most used when we have to fly. They are being modificated, changing not only the spars for 5PT spars and P300 in the spine, but also other big changes.


In this opportunity we continued flying the design of the other series. It was the kite that represented more difficulties to us since we had to prove with a lot of sails and to play with the position of the windows. We were satisfied with all the kites and want to improve them even more.

This kite can fly comfortably from the 15 km/h to the 45 km/h. It is completely made by 5PT spars and P400 in the spine but we have made other several modifications on it.

Cometa venteada del equipo


by Alto Vuelo