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International Kite Festival of Colombia 2005

(30 of July to the 16 of August of 2005)

We were able to take part in this festival thanks to the fact that we had been internationally recognized the previous year in the World Championship. The organizers of this festival were Jairo Montoya and Ines Elvira Uribe.

 The first day that we presented our demonstration was in the park "the Tunal" where the cement ground and the winds were very difficult; the time did not accompany us either. Most of the time while we where flying our UL kites, but this does not say anything, because we all along had other two kites opened to a flank since the wind changed of 0 km/h to 30 km/h in a matter of minutes. At time it drizzled or rained. We were the only ones that remained flying under rain (without electrical storm of course). It is possible to emphasize that on this day we were flying our UL kite for the second time, since we had had time to fly them only once from its manufacture in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, it was a very pretty day, where the laughter and the improvisations at the difficult moments predominated.

On the second day the only changes were the place and the weather conditions, since the wind the wind had not improved. The place selected for this day was the central amphitheatre of the "Simón Bolivar Park ". This park is very great, but the festival was held in a small circle and in the other amphitheatre, wich was being prepared for a recital that was going to take place that same night. The space was very reduced for our kites, reason why we proved to fly with 21 mts. instead of the lines of 43 mts. this did not give a good result because it was reduced the wind window very. We returned to our normal length and we flew what it could. Most of the time we were flying over sound towers, lights or over the people, thing that did not please us by the danger that represents. In the place, they do not worry about this because they are customary since there is great amount of people in the park flying at the same time. In this day we met with “Atemoc”  team. Also we were with the spanish kiters Pedro and his brother, Esteban, that had been invited to show their wonderful gigant kites.

 In order to finalize the day we flew a megateam with the boys of Atemoc and returned to the hotel.

On the following day we did a little of tourism through Bogota and the return to Buenos Aires.

We felt very comfortable with the treatment that we received and we hoped to be able to repeat such pretty experience again. We left some photos for you to see just a little bit of the festival.

Volando en condiciones minimas Atras los integrantes del equipo y a la derecha los organizadores Barrilete gigante inflble: El Yuri-Yuri

Doing the demonstration the first day with the UL.

On the right, the organizers of the festival.

The Yuri-Yuri of our friends Pedro and Esteban (Spain)

El equipo que fue a demostrar Nuestro campamento Practicando antes de la demostración

Waiting for our turn to fly.

The place where we could rest..

Comets UL in a preheating pursuit.

Todos los que volamos en el festival Las Alma con los inflables de fondo Remeras del festival

All the participants of the festival.

Our comets with the public and the giants of bottom.

Reverse of the t-shirt that we used to fly.

Los pilotos, las cometas y el logo del festival Nuestros barriletes y los inflables gigantes Con nuestros amigos de Atemoc planificando el megateam

Located in front of a poster of the festival with our kites.

The Alma prepared to take off and the gigants accompanying us.

With the boys of Atemoc planning the megateam.