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Wind Party 2004

(12 of December of 2004)

This festival was organized by the people of “Alto Vuelo”. It was the first made in the city of Buenos Aires and the fifth in Argentina. The same one presented a great effort for the organizers. The day was very pleasant, with about 15 km/h of wind and a shining sun.

In the development of the festival the team flew their kite "Alma 1" which was given by “Alto Vuelo” by a sponsored agreement which we had and was the first time that we flew in public with them. We made our routines a pair of times and everything ended very pretty. Our friends of Batoco concurred who made unfolding of their kites and made a demonstration of a battle of rokakus, also took part in the fetival. All the activity finished with a megateam.

The festival counted with journalistic presence, and some of us we able to explain our activity (to see photos).

We left some photos for you to see.

Volando en demostración nuestra rutina Todos los del equipo que volamos ese día Repasando la rutina antes de salir a volar

The competitive team in one of its demonstrations.

 All the team with banner.

Ezequiel and Fabian practicing the routine.

La televisión entrevistando a Julián Todo lo que fue el festival de la "Fiesta del Viento" Los más chicos demostrando como se vuela

Julian being interviewed by the cameras.

The unfolding of the festival.

Gastón and Julian flying its routine with walkie-talkies.

Julián explicandole a la televisión lo que es volar en un equipo Lugan donde recuperabamos energías y mirabamos las otras demostraciones Megateam formado solo por nuestro equipo

Julian again being interviewed by another program.

The place where we were able to rest.

Megateam, seven kites flying.